Don't Stay Out of the Collaborative Systems Era

Sep 13, 2019872

Many indispensable items are imperceptible to most people. This is the case with Random Entropy in information security and encryption, which creates a barrier against invasions and obtaining sensitive and sensitive information trafficked in the electronic medium by means of computational brute force.


The most common usage we don't even know when it's happening is when we access a simple internet site that has an SSL Certificate - responsible for encrypting messages between the application server and the web browser and perform the Handshake between the two applications - installed and valid in your domain. Among the others uses are, election hearings, lotteries and even in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The big question is that computers are deterministic and these random operations are actually pseudo-random. This means that somehow it can be predicted future results, which commits security breach.


The League of Entropy recently found a way to search for sources decentralized entropy - degree of universal disorder - to ensure really random and unpredictable, in order to increase security to encryption processes messages used by the algorithms created for this purpose. In this case, how much more contributors and entropy generators, better for process safety, which includes
distributed key generation and its subsequent signature, each contributor with a partial of the total schema.


To illustrate, Cloudflare made an analogy as follows: If each participant-contributor has a pizza, each of them takes a piece and distributes to others. Then all participants can create a new pizza with their own piece and the pieces of the others. 

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