Human error accounts for 33% of industry cyber security incidents

Oct 01, 20191071

The human factor still puts industrial processes at risk, points out the report “The state of industrial cybersecurity in 2019” published by Kaspersky. According to the study, unintentional actions or employee errors accounted for 33% of incidents that affected operating technology networks and industrial control systems (TO / ICS) last year in Latin America.

The increasing complexity of industrial infrastructures requires protection and advanced skills. However, organizations are facing a lack of trained professionals to deal with new threats and a low level of awareness of these dangers among employees.

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The report also identified that the transformation of industrial networks and the adoption of modern industry standards are focus in several segments. About 61% of organizations in Latin America consider digitizing operational networks as an important or very important task for this year. However, for every technology infrastructure benefit, there is a digital security risk.

The survey also says that 69 percent of respondents believe digital security is becoming a priority across industries, but only 54 percent have a budget targeted at industrial cybersecurity.

For about 31 percent of Latin American companies, the IT infrastructure security officer also oversees the security of TO / ICS networks, and this task is associated with other important responsibilities.

Kaspersky researchers explain that this approach can pose security risks: although corporate and operational networks are becoming increasingly connected, experts on each side have different cyber security behaviors (12%) and goals (12%). .

Georgy Shebuldaev, manager of Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity, says research shows that companies are improving their protection of industrial networks, yet it still has to encompass levels associated with technical protection.

Kaspersky recommends that companies conduct industrial cybersecurity awareness training, as only a small proportion of Latin American companies (23%) are or will be ready within the next 12 months to connect their TO / ICS networks to the cloud with maintenance. preventive or digital twins.

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