How Can Digital Transformation Enhance Security

Aug 07, 2019406

Digital transformation has already settled in the professional and personal routine of companies and this reality is irreversible. One of the pillars of this new era is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has helped many companies around the world in formatting products and services useful to the population, including those related to the safety of people and assets.


Increasingly, companies, institutions and government bodies have felt the need to protect areas and citizens with efficient, agile and accurate solutions. In general, the demand of these organizations is for the aid in the monitoring of public roads, common private areas and private environments. The idea is that, based on the information generated by the solutions, it is possible to take preventive or action attitudes more efficiently.


Considering the use of Artificial Intelligence, among the most efficient security features are:


Recognition beyond the facial - Through an advanced search engine, Artificial Intelligence allows the analysis of video monitoring is based on self-learning of the machine. In practice it works as follows: If it is not possible to scan someone's face, in seconds, the software identifies the person by the physical or behavioral characteristics stored in a file.


Motion Detection - In this case, Artificial Intelligence identifies the usual activities performed in a given area, such as a department store, for example, and tracks daily processes. If it detects unusual movement, it triggers a warning. Here, the idea is not to distinguish the right actions from the wrong ones, but to signal what is different.


Integrated video monitoring security - With exclusive High Definition Stream Management technology, this monitoring is performed through a set of cameras, allowing only the required content of the image to be transmitted, while ensuring intelligent management of image storage with low power consumption of hard drives and data communication bandwidth.


Digital transformation is also revolutionizing the security of environments. And that's great! While some still think that technology evolves to complicate our lives, there are solutions that prove their efficiency when it comes to protecting us.

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