The promise of security offered by Blockchain is false

May 29, 2019

Through an opinion piece published Wednesday by the online magazine Wired, Bruce Schneier has raised criticism of the promise of new trust structures based on blockchain technology. According to Schneier, in blockchain systems trust is displaced, especially in institutions and social conventions. A

Information security and internet of things, is it possible to have both?

May 03, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) is like a great web that interconnects devices and objects to the Internet, creating an immense sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation and data, as well as new features and functionalities that make it possible to improve processes and even create business. This concept brings signifi

There is no Artificial Intelligence without information architecture

Apr 15, 2019

For more than 50 years, the topic of Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, has emerged as a field of study. With the advancement of research and increasing computing capabilities, today virtually all companies already have or have AI-related plans on some scale, whether in their product and service

How can a good infrastructure prevent information security problems?

Apr 11, 2019

Information represents one of the most important assets for any business, and the amount of data companies have been working with is increasing every day. This makes information security a key issue, listing the most important strategies for a well-assembled IT infrastructure.   Many of these

21 Best RSA Conference 2019 Cybersecurity Solutions

Apr 04, 2019

The city of San Francisco, USA, hosted the traditional RSA Conference, one of the major events in the cyber security market in the world. At the conference, large companies in the industry seize the opportunity to advertise or display new offers. The CSO has made a selection of the main products tha

Adaptive cyber security is key in a world without perimeters

Mar 28, 2019

Not too long ago, companies had walls that protected them from virtual threats. The mobility and growth of connected things, however, changed all the rules of the game, challenging cybersecurity. 2018 data from Bank My Cell show that there are 8.6 billion smartphones worldwide and according to Gartn

Where does your information go?

Mar 25, 2019

In the age of personal data - for those who do not know, personal data is the virtual currency that is worth more than the cryptocoins, new rules are being created to finally get the phone out of airplane mode at the weekend. Data protection laws are responsible for regulating the use of personal da

Slack launches tool that allows you to encrypt conversations and files

Mar 19, 2019

Users and companies that need an extra bed of protection over the conversations and files trafficked by Slack can already count on its own tool of encryption and management of security keys. The news is available as of Monday (18) for corporate service subscribers.   Developed about a year an

Can a good infrastructure prevent information security problems in companies?

Mar 14, 2019

Information represents one of the most important assets for any business, and the amount of data companies have been working with is increasing every day. This makes information security a key issue by entering the list of the most important strategies for a well-assembled IT infrastructure.  

Google announces beta launch of its first hybrid cloud platform

Feb 26, 2019

On Wednesday, Google announced the launch of the Cloud Services Platform (CSP) beta, the company's first real attempt to use its cloud services for the enterprise data center market. The novelty had originally been revealed in July of last year during the Cloud Next conference.   Despite the

Conscientization of employees is better weapon against cyber attacks

Feb 07, 2019

EY Consulting, which has heard more than 1,400 executives globally - including Brazil - pointed out that for 54% of national organizations, the great vulnerability in the company are malicious and inattentive collaborators, while 45% said they could hardly foresee threats of data theft.   The

How to shop safely online?

Feb 06, 2019

Shop the internet. Ordering from the comfort of home, avoiding queues, being able to search for the best prices ... shopping on the internet is increasingly safe. There are several mechanisms to check the suitability of online stores, reducing the risk of falling into scams and having their data acc

Internet of Things: More Data Invites More Hackers

Jan 31, 2019

Latvia's MikroTik router maker, until it did its part: Fixed a software breach and made the update available to customers around the world. As usual, many of the users did not play their part and instead of downloading the fix, they continued to use the old version.   Soon, hackers discovered

2019 Corporate Events

Jan 11, 2019

Our event focus on innovation across a wide range of business topics and gives you the chance to network with up to 150 senior business professionals and decision-makers from around Europe and beyond.   All taking place in central Amsterdam. We've still got the festive discounts on offer at t

Microsoft fixes failure that allowed computer control via IE

Dec 21, 2018

Microsoft corrected a 0-day failure in the Internet Explorer browser that allowed full control of the system, that is, installing programs, viewing and changing data, and creating administrator accounts.   Unfortunately, Microsoft did not detail the targets and how vulnerability was exploited