Privacy is not luxury and should be top priority, says Apple executive

Jun 04, 2019430

The Independent website has touched on some of Apple's facilities where the equipment that protects the company's devices is made and maintained. There he interviewed Craig Federighi, a veteran brand executive, who commented on privacy - and was hurt by a recent statement from Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO.


In an article, Pichai said that there are companies that sell privacy as luxury goods, indirectly attacking the rival.


"I did not buy the business of being a luxury asset. On the one hand, it's gratifying that other companies in this space in recent months have made a lot of positive noise about privacy concerns. months and texts for the press are capable of doing, and I think you have to look fundamentally at the values, cultures and business models of the company, and that does not change from day to night. "


He further argues that Apple wants to set a good example in the area and he would even love to sell the company's products to all consumers, not just as luxury. But the choice was different. "We think that an incredible product experience is something everyone should have, so we want to develop them," he explains.


The apple black box


In the matter, we know a little more of the facilities on the campus of Apple that are responsible for creating the prototype of the processors of the future products of the brand. There, chips are tested in every possible way against attacks, access attempts, and techniques for decrypting data.


"We have no interest in learning everything about you." As a company, we do not want this, we believe that your device should be customized for you. and that's a fundamentally different position from what I think is the position of many companies out there. "

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