Quality, agility and safety at the same time

Aug 09, 2019456

With digital advancement, the demand for applications developed in less time increases, which consequently negatively impacts the security of applications that are only tested at the end of the development cycle, resulting in poorly structured and vulnerable code. How to obtain quality, safety and speed to meet the demands of the market?


We know that it is costly to fix software security vulnerabilities after finalization / delivery. Therefore, the ideal is to assess security throughout the development cycle, that is, develop the application with security in mind as part of this process and in the joint work of the development and security teams. This concept is known as: DevSecOps.


In addition to efficient and fast delivery, developing security software ensures that, in addition to avoiding vulnerabilities, it is in compliance with the General Data Protection Act (LGPD). To exemplify the seriousness of data preservation, in 2018 one of the largest private urban transport companies in the US was fined approximately $ 148 million for having data of about 600 thousand drivers and 57 million passengers violated in their applications.


Secure development platforms allow the creation of independent micro-services, which allows greater integration at the end of the process, more resilience and flexibility, because the process will be continuous and linked to the development, there is no need to stop the application and use the whole team to correct errors. Therefore, with the platform, each part of the application will be worked and corrected individually.


The software responsible for storing and manipulating the data is the target of cyber crimes, because the treasure of our era is precisely "information", "data". Therefore, in addition to thinking about security during development, it is also necessary to adopt measures that guarantee the continuity of security of the application. As? Through the adoption of strong authentication and encryption, for example, it is possible to keep this information protected and provide the user with greater security in the use of the application.


Therefore, do not leave the security to the end of the development and, additionally, add quality and agility in the development of your applications.

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