The importance of user awareness in cyber security

Sep 16, 20191875

IT professionals know that Information Security (IS) is responsible for protecting a data set to preserve the value that an individual or organization holds. Confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and legality are basic properties of SI.


But contrary to popular knowledge, the media has constantly been reporting more and more about data leaks from midsize and large companies. They are the target of cyber attacks and malicious people. As was the last example of British Airways, fined $ 230 million. And others not less important, such as: Banco Inter, Uber, Facebook, Sky, Quora, SUS (Unified Health System). Regardless of the size of the company, the consequences are financial damage and scratches on the brand. Depending on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperation, the fines and losses can be so large that they make the business unfeasible.


Information Security without user awareness equals closing doors and leaving windows open.


I think that before making data available and at risk of leakage or improper access, it is important to take some protective measures to mitigate these risks.


A simple example is the adoption of an incident response and monitoring solution. While monitoring will ensure network integrity, incident response capabilities will mitigate potential damage from an attack. From data leakage to service disruption due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attack.


Another tip is to seek the support of a specialized IS team that can assist your business in improving security by guiding and preparing both your users and your IT staff to deal with potential security incidents.


With these measures, the adoption of predictive analytics tools and the use of an effective anti-fraud system can cover virtually every security foundation without sacrificing consumer experience in the process.


Every business must always be alert, just like in our real life. You need to value your information / data and make your choices, prioritizing who complies with the law.

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