Amazon investigates alleged data leak

Sep 18, 2018451 said today (17) that it is investigating suspicions of internal leaks of confidential information by its employees in exchange for bribes to remove false comments and other scams from sellers of its site.


Amazon employees are providing internal data and other confidential information through intermediaries to independent merchants who sell their products on the site to help them increase sales in exchange for payments, the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday. citing sources.


The practice, which is a violation of company policy, is particularly strong in China, the report added, as the number of vendors is on the rise.


"We keep our employees to a high ethical standard and anyone who violates our code faces discipline, including dismissal and potential legal and criminal penalties," a company spokesman told Reuters.


Amazon intermediaries in Shenzhen are offering internal sales metrics and publisher addresses, as well as a service to exclude negative reviews and restore Amazon's forbidden accounts in exchange for payments ranging from $ 80 to over $ 2,000 , the publication.


The e-commerce giant is also investigating several cases involving employees, including some in the US, who are suspected of accepting bribes.

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