Attempts to hack large companies to grow in 2019

Jan 28, 20191254

According to Malwarebytes, the year 2019 should be a bit tricky for those who own businesses, at least as far as online security is concerned - but, on the other hand, much simpler for the average user. This is because the company has identified a tendency for cybercriminals to abandon attacks and intrusions on individuals' computers and a greater focus on large business and enterprise intrusions.


This trend is revealed in the 2019 Malwarebytes State of Malware Report, which explains that cybercriminals are being increasingly attracted by the big gains in the invasion of large enterprise systems and bypassing the attacks on ordinary people's computers. simpler to invade, but also generate smaller gains.


According to Adam Kujawa, director of Malwarebytes Labs, 2018 was a very intense year in the activities of cybercriminals, who greatly diversified their crypto-coin mining attack techniques, creating devices targeting not only Windows platforms but also Android and Mac. They have developed new intrusion tactics from the browser and created new virtual threats to steal data and passwords from infected devices.


This diversification in criminal activity has resulted in a 79% growth in hiring services for malware detection in companies and offices compared to 2017. And while countries such as the United States, England and Germany have remained among the places where there have been more attempts to invasion, the entire region of East Asia showed a significant increase in the activity of cybercriminals trying to invade large enterprise servers.


Already among average users, the company has detected a 25 million invasion attempts decrease from 800 million attacks in 2017 to 775 million in 2018. Malwarebytes does not believe that this decrease in attacks on individuals and increase in server invasions be an isolated case, but rather a trend that is expected to continue for the next few years.

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