Facebook hires one of its biggest privacy critics

Feb 07, 2019361

By 2018, Facebook has appeared on the news sites, mostly because of frequent scandals involving how it handles the privacy of its users. The image of the social network was shaken in such a way that Mark Zuckerberg was the billionaire who lost more money that year.


Now it seems that the company has decided to invest heavily to rectify its shortcomings. To that end, he has hired some of his biggest critics in the area of ​​privacy, including Nate Cardozo (pictured below), who may be the largest of them. In addition to Cardozo, two other privacy law veterans were named: Robyn Greene and Nathan White.


Nate Cardozo, a former lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, had been criticizing Facebook for years. In 2015, he wrote an editorial quoting that "Facebook's business model depends on our collective confusion and apathy about privacy." In other words, Cardozo meant that Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of the lack of knowledge and attitude of most of the users of the platform. He was hired to work in the WhatsApp division on the Menlo Park site in California.


Robyn Greene previously worked for the Open Technology Institute in Washington while Nathan White left Access Now. Both will work on Facebook itself on the Washington site.


Facebook did not allow newcomers to interview. In a note sent to Arstechnica, the company said it has much to do to rescue the confidence of its users and promote a better experience of privacy. For this, nothing better than having in your team people who take a critical view to the platform.

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