Information Security: Key Techniques to Protect a Company from Attacks

Jan 22, 2019417

Cyber ​​attacks have grown dangerously in recent years. The amount of data theft and intrusions into electronic systems more than doubled in 2018. According to data collected by Psafe, a cybersecurity company that annually prepares a security report, only in the first half of this year were reported 120.7 million of attacks - an increase of 95.9% over the same period in 2017.


Between October and December, the document showed the existence of 63.8 million malicious links and the predominance of WhatsApp as a champion platform for hits. Here are the top techniques companies can use to protect themselves from attack.


Raise awareness of all users

A company should not apply punishment as a way of guiding its employees to the importance of using the internet in a conscious way. It is necessary to raise awareness of them, showing what the company's security policies are and how each can contribute to a more productive work environment.


Track mobile usage

With the popularization of smartphones and other mobile devices - and their inclusion in the workplace - it is virtually impossible for a company to restrain the use of these devices while the employee is in the office.
Often, they are part of your work and important tools so that you can play it. This does not mean that the employee can use the mobile phone at work as he or she uses at home. The company needs to be always aware of how devices are used and employ solutions that make them safer.


Be aware of new risks

Hackers are constantly evolving. Every day studying a new loophole, a different path so they can access important information.

For this reason, the executive draws attention to the fact that entrepreneurs do the same, and always keep an eye not only to their business environment or to competition, but to changes in the technological world.

Tracking new trends, seeing risk reports, and carefully observing threats or attacks that have occurred outside the country or in your industry is an important precaution as well as getting to know your technology department. Knowing what your vulnerabilities are, you can prevent an attack.


Constantly change security policies

Security policies in a company should not be immutable. Instead. They need to be constantly reviewed so the company can keep up with the change in the virtual environment.

If hackers are ever changing and qualifying, why should a company stop in time and keep its security policies about ten, fifteen years ago? The internet evolves very fast and we must follow this evolution. Whoever parks is not only swallowed up by competition, but also becomes an easy target for hackers


Use security software

Often just drawing the attention of your employees to the importance of maintaining a safe environment is not enough to inhibit attacks. The company must invest in the acquisition of security software and in the construction of barriers that are capable of preventing or even intercepting attacks or theft of information crucial to the operation of the business.


Encrypt important data

The use of encryption is one of the best tools for companies. The function is to protect information from attacks or even interceptions. When a data is encrypted, even if a hacker can steal it, it will not know what is contained there, as you have to have the right key to read the data.


Back up

Before protecting against any attacks, the company needs to back up all of its crucial data to prevent not only theft, but also the loss of accidents, file problems or other incidents that may occur.


They are simple tips that can be put into practice by any company.

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