Information Security: Why Your Business Will Still Have a SOC

Feb 04, 2019364

The market for technologies and services focused on Information Security is in full growth, leveraged by cases of exploitation of loopholes and vulnerabilities by cybercriminals, which have caused significant negative impacts on the business of companies, in addition to the emergence of regulatory and legal requirements (LGPD , PCI / DSS, Bacen 4658, GDPR).


Obviously, investments in information security are important, but they do not solve all the problems, as protection technologies are usually arranged in dispersed and decentralized silos with visualization panels on several consoles, making it difficult to consolidate information and correlation between them.


The greatest effectiveness of protecting the IT environment lies in centralizing and creating processes and methodologies that ensure that technologies are effectively protecting the various assets (endpoints, networks, applications, cloud etc.), that the threats are monitored full time (24x7x365) and the incidents treated in an integrated and fast way.


A SOC (Security Operations Center) is the only place able to monitor and treat information security issues in real time in a centralized, dedicated and effective way, because in a mature SOC, it uses the best practices described in several models (NIST, ISO 27.001 etc), it is there that the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) acts promptly to prevent the incidents from generating negative impacts. It is also there that all the knowledge and techniques (AI - Artificial Intelligence, SOAR) are consolidated to be applied intelligently to deal with the threats.


It is always a difficult choice to decide whether the SOC should be internal or outsourced. Some companies impose compliance requirements that prevent their outsourcing (in which case the choice is made and the time frame is longer), but outsourcing drastically reduces time-to-market, providing faster, high-grade procurement of maturity and specialization in information security, reaching the quick wins already in the first days of implantation.


In conclusion, if your company wants to evolve the information security posture, it will have to seriously evaluate the investment in a SOC, there is no escape from it.

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