Is Bitcoin a safe investment?

Jul 18, 2019

Before answering this question, one must understand the meaning of the word risk in this universe. It is likely that you have already heard that such an investment is risky or that the other is almost without risk, is not it? But what does it mean? We can separate all investments available in the m

Human factor and information security

Jul 18, 2019

In times of digital information systems and online data storage tools, concern for protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of this information is essential for individuals and businesses. Programs, applications and protection systems offer good support for this type of problem. But what not e

6 Data Security Flaws You Should Not Commit

Jul 16, 2019

Any company is likely to fail data security regardless of its size. Want an example? Even major players in the market, such as Amazon, Google and Yahoo, have already been affected by virtual attacks and stealth data leakage.   Not coincidentally, at least eight of the ten most common data sec

US court rules that Qualcomm has violated antitrust laws

May 23, 2019

US courts have ruled that Qualcomm violates the country's antitrust laws by charging a percentage of each smartphone sold with its components. The court's ruling should also compel the company to license its telecommunication technologies to rival manufacturers, which, too, have been a monopolizing

Eset unveils malware that takes control of e-mail communication

May 14, 2019

Eset revealed this week that it has discovered a Microsoft Exchange backdoor called LightNeuron, which can read, modify or block any e-mail that passes through the server, including writing new messages and sending them, under the identity of any legitimate user.   According to the security c

Cyber Security Top Practices

May 13, 2019

Cyber security threats are growing, and that businesses of a kinds are falling victim to cyberattacks. Some industries are more likely to be under attack than others (a shocking 89% of healthcare organizations have had a data breach or theft in the past two years!), but small and large bus

Top ten robberies suffered by criptomoedas exchanges in history

May 10, 2019

Hacker attacks on criptomoedas exchanges are more common than we would like. Robberies can range from a few billion to billions of dollars, hurting not only businesses, but also their customers and investors.   Those responsible for the exchanges should stick to the flaws their systems may ha

Information security: what it is and 12 practical tips to ensure it

May 08, 2019

Information security. A set of words so simple, but of fundamental importance for any company, especially for the IT sector.   More than strategic, information security is essential for protecting the corporate data set. And, as you know, they are critical to business activities.   Whe

Use of passwords can be with the days counted. Are you prepared?

Apr 30, 2019

There are many codes we use every day. Being able to get rid of them will be a relief to many people. And the future seems to point in that direction. Email password, Facebook password, debit card password ... There are many codes we use daily for the most prosaic activities. And when they are mispl

How does the backup environment technology update work?

Apr 11, 2019

When we talk about backup and restore in the corporate world we know that companies invest high numbers in equipment, software and maintenance contracts. The goal is to rely on these features to recover from an improperly deleted email to a corrupted file or a critical service after a crash or disas

Malware Qbot resurges in new attack on companies

Apr 04, 2019

Ten-year Qbot financial malware has resurfaced with an improved version in a new attack on companies infecting thousands of systems to date. Researchers from the Varonis data security solutions provider discovered the attack after a client alerted them to suspicious activity on a computer. The culpr

It's time to rethink the creation of a culture about cyber security

Apr 01, 2019

Thousands of articles on cyber security point out that people play such an important role in preventing data breaches as technology. In fact, according to the Ponemon Institute study "The Cost of a Data Breach", 27% of data breaches in 2018 were caused by human error. So of course it is important to

80% of US companies expect a critical breach in 2019

Feb 28, 2019

Eighty percent of IT business leaders in the US expect a critical violation or cyberattack to succeed this year. This is what the Cyber ​​Risk Index (CRI) points out, a Trend Micro survey of more than 1 thousand IT security professionals in the US.   Conducted by the Ponemon Institute, th

Tim Cook and other CEOs are invited to participate in fake news committee

Feb 24, 2019

Executives from some of today's largest technology and social media companies including Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been called to an international committee that will focus on spreading false news and misinformation fever that hits the internet. The meeting will be held

12 practical tips to ensure Cybersecurity

Feb 20, 2019

How to improve information security through 12 practical tips?   It is not enough just to implement information security practices - it is necessary to ensure that there are no gaps. To do this, it is necessary to apply the best actions in this area.   So here are 12 practical tips you