Top Cybersecurity common problems for businesses

Feb 15, 2019

Companies around the world have started to take a cyber-security discourse in which they advocate standardization and greater security, but little have they acted to create and maintain meaningful standards that prevent or respond efficiently to such cyber attacks. The thesis was defended by Purveyo

Facebook hires one of its biggest privacy critics

Feb 07, 2019

By 2018, Facebook has appeared on the news sites, mostly because of frequent scandals involving how it handles the privacy of its users. The image of the social network was shaken in such a way that Mark Zuckerberg was the billionaire who lost more money that year.   Now it seems that the com

Information Security: Why Your Business Will Still Have a SOC

Feb 04, 2019

The market for technologies and services focused on Information Security is in full growth, leveraged by cases of exploitation of loopholes and vulnerabilities by cybercriminals, which have caused significant negative impacts on the business of companies, in addition to the emergence of regulatory a

Attempts to hack large companies to grow in 2019

Jan 28, 2019

According to Malwarebytes, the year 2019 should be a bit tricky for those who own businesses, at least as far as online security is concerned - but, on the other hand, much simpler for the average user. This is because the company has identified a tendency for cybercriminals to abandon attacks and i

Hacker groups share servers for cyber attacks, says Kaspersky

Jan 25, 2019

GreyEnergy (which is believed to be the successor to BlackEnergy) and cybercrime group Sofacy, two famous cybercrime groups, share the same servers for different purposes, according to the discovery by cyber security company Kaspersky Lab. overlap in cyberattacks of the two groups.   Accordin

Information Security: Key Techniques to Protect a Company from Attacks

Jan 22, 2019

Cyber ​​attacks have grown dangerously in recent years. The amount of data theft and intrusions into electronic systems more than doubled in 2018. According to data collected by Psafe, a cybersecurity company that annually prepares a security report, only in the first half of this year were repo

Why are we in the era of information protection?

Jan 02, 2019

As companies advance on their digital platforms, with the implementation of sophisticated technology systems, there is growing fear of cyberattacks - sabotage, theft, or even hijacking vital data and information. This concern makes sense. According to global information security company SonicWall, t

Twitter shares collapse with suspicion of hackers

Dec 19, 2018

Twitter's shares fell nearly 7 percent after the company said it was investigating suspicious traffic possibly driven by government-backed hackers and, in what appears to be an unrelated problem, a security company reported that the platform was used by attackers who tried steal user data.  

Passwords of 100 million users fell into the hands of hackers

Dec 12, 2018

The managers of the site have confirmed that an attack of cybercriminals managed to divert the personal data of more than 100 million Internet users. In addition to the passwords used on the famous site where users ask questions and give answers, hackers have been able to access data relat

Cyber attacks with malware and ransomwares grew too much in 2018

Nov 15, 2018

According to a statistical survey by digital security firm SonicWall, malwares and ransmowares have never seen better days and are on the rise. Only between January and October 2018, a 44% increase in the number of malware was detected. Already the ransomwares, which are software that encrypt the fi

At least 81,000 Facebook accounts have been hacked and are for sale on the internet

Nov 04, 2018

A new scandal hit Facebook on Thursday (1): According to a BBC discovery, at least 81,000 user accounts have been stolen by Russian hackers, and that figure could reach as high as 120 million.   The first signs of this security breach came in September, when a user named FBSaler posted an Eng

Industry and information security: the main threats of 2018

Oct 31, 2018

Companies, because of their social and economic importance, are at the center of attention when it comes to safety. However, unlike physical security, information protection has become a priority only recently. Meanwhile, changes are occurring rapidly in this industry and require an equally rapid re

Microsoft waives 60,000 patents and $ 3.4 billion to protect Linux

Oct 11, 2018

In a move considered astounding by many, Microsoft announced its entry into the Open Invention Network (OIN). With this, the company will share virtually all of its patents portfolio with other companies and developers of open source projects, especially protecting those who work with Linux from law

Virtual attacks could lead to war, says former US secretary of state

Oct 04, 2018

Cyber ​​attacks by one country against another could lead to a real war between nations, said former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Wednesday.   For the diplomat, the world may suffer what it called a "cybernetic Pearl Harbor," referring to the Japanese attack on a US base th

Amazon investigates alleged data leak

Sep 18, 2018 said today (17) that it is investigating suspicions of internal leaks of confidential information by its employees in exchange for bribes to remove false comments and other scams from sellers of its site.   Amazon employees are providing internal data and other confidential informa