Online Threats To Your Cybersecurity

Apr 04, 2017

Cyber security has become a critical part of the modern business environment and is a common discussion topic in planning meetings and boardrooms throughout the globe.  As cyber security threats evolve, businesses must also adapt their defenses to protect against these threats. Some of these o

German Military to Unveil New Cyber Command as Threats Grow

Mar 30, 2017

Germany’s military will launch a cyber command next week as part of an effort to beef up online defenses at a time when German spy agencies are warning of increasing cyber-attacks by Russia.   The German military remains a high-value target for hackers, with some 284,000 compl

UK Crime Agency Arrests suspect in Deutsche Telekom cyber attack

Feb 23, 2017

British authorities have arrested a suspect in connection with a cyber attack that infected nearly 1 million routers used to access Deutsche Telekom’s (DTEGn.DE) internet service, German federal police said on Thursday. Britain’s National Crime Agency detained the 29-year-old Briton at

Malware Hijacks Microphones to Spy On Ukrainian Businesses, Scientists and Media

Feb 20, 2017

Ukraine has once again been a target of a potential hacking attack that infected computer systems from dozens of Ukrainian businesses with highly sophisticated malware, allowing hackers to exfiltrate sensitive data and eavesdrop on their network. Late last year, the country also suffered a power ou

Cyber Security Threats

Jan 31, 2017

Cyber security is one of the biggest corporate issues of our time. As the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack in May adeptly demonstrated, organisations of any size, anywhere, are vulnerable to attack. Though many companies have improved their cyber security defences in recent years, there is m

Most Americans Fail Cybersecurity Best Practices

Jan 27, 2017

Even after being hacked, most Americans fail to properly protect their online personal information online. Research by Pew Research finds that a majority of Americans (64%) have personally experienced a major data breach, and relatively large shares of the public lack trust in key institutions &nda