Passwords of 100 million users fell into the hands of hackers

Dec 12, 2018467

The managers of the site have confirmed that an attack of cybercriminals managed to divert the personal data of more than 100 million Internet users. In addition to the passwords used on the famous site where users ask questions and give answers, hackers have been able to access data related to names, e-mail addresses, content of private messages, questions and answers, and even information outside


Following the hackers' attack, officials decided to discontinue all user sessions (logout) for all registered members. In this way, each user will be asked to set a new password when they return to use the question and answer site, reports The Verge.


The incident was detected on Nov 30th. In a statement, managers said they had hired a team specializing in cybersecurity and the gathering of digital evidence to investigate the attack. The legal authorities were also contacted.


At the source of the failure may be an encryption system too fragile to deal with a large amount of daily access. Within the bad news, there is only one point of redress to note: hackers apparently have not been able to identify the authors of questions and answers placed under anonymity, for addressing issues considered delicate.

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