Twitter shares collapse with suspicion of hackers

Dec 19, 2018408

Twitter's shares fell nearly 7 percent after the company said it was investigating suspicious traffic possibly driven by government-backed hackers and, in what appears to be an unrelated problem, a security company reported that the platform was used by attackers who tried steal user data.


Twitter announced in a blog that it identified suspicious traffic in a customer-supported forum while investigating a security breach that exposed data, including the country code of users' phones and details about blocked accounts. According to the company, the crash was fixed on November 16.


The company also cited large amounts of traffic coming from IP addresses in China and Saudi Arabia. "While we can not confirm the intention or assignment with certainty, it is possible that some of these IP addresses may have links with government-backed actors," Twitter said on the blog.


A company spokesman declined to elaborate, while Twitter shares posted the biggest drop in more than two months.


Separately, security software maker Trend Micro said in a blog post yesterday that hackers sent two tweets in October in an attempt to steal data from previously infected machines.


They hid instructions on tweaked memes that secretly ordered infected devices to send information, including user names, screen images, and other content, according to Trend Micro. The Twitter spokesman declined to comment on the company's report.

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