Web creator Tim Berners-Lee launches global plan to protect the internet

Nov 26, 20191076

Creator of the worldwide computer network Sir. Tim Berners-Lee launched a global plan over the weekend to implement initiatives that prevent the spread of political manipulation, fake news, privacy violations, and other content that makes the online medium a non-toxic medium.


Called the Web Agreement, the project seeks the support of governments, businesses and individuals to commit themselves concretely to protecting the Web against abuse and ensuring that it benefits humanity.


The paper, published by the Berners-Lee Web Foundation, has the support of more than 150 organizations, from Microsoft, Twitter, Google, and Facebook to the Electronic Frontier Foundation digital rights group.


Web Contract Principles


The document was written in nine-preamble format, whose responsibilities are divided between government, business, and people:




Principle 1: Ensure that anyone has access to the internet;


Principle 2: Keep all internet available at all times;


Principle 3: Respect and protect people's fundamental rights to data privacy;




Principle 4: Make the web accessible and affordable to anyone;


Principle 5: Respect and protect people's privacy as well as personal data to build trust online


Principle 6: Develop technologies that support the best of humanity and make the worst difficult




Principle 7: Being Web Creators and Contributors


Principle 8: Build Strong Communities That Respect Civil Discourse and Human Dignity


Principle 9: Fighting over the internet.


Contract participants must present initiatives demonstrating that everyone involved is implementing the principles and working on solutions to the most difficult problems, with the result of delisting.

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